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Take Your Credit From that “F” to an “A” Rating

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Restore Your Credit File With

We can help make a difference to your credit by removing erroneous and inaccurate items that are damaging your credit file, preventing you from achieving your credit and financial goals.

Credit Impacts Your Financial Future

Having an excellent credit rating is not just a convenience; it impacts your everyday life. It is often a deciding factor in whether creditors will lend you money to buy a house, a car that reliably takes you to work-essentially, to give you peace of mind.

  • Auto Loans Interest Rates
  • Homes & Mortgages
  • Financing Approvals
  • Utility Bill Deposits
  • Insurance Rates
  • Job Application

How Credit Restoration Works

We offer do-it-for-you credit repair in a simple four-step system with remarkable results!

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Initial Consultation

Together we will review your entire credit report, identifying with you all the inaccurate and erroneous items that need to be challenged and disputed on your behalf.

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Challenge & Dispute

While you go about your day, our awesome specialists and processors will send challenges and disputes to the companies who have created the identified inaccurate accounts and details on your credit report.

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Monitor Progress

You will have 24/7 access to an HTTPS secure client portal throughout and after your restoration process. You can use it to securely upload response letters and send secure emails to your assigned F2A credit specialist.

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Future Credit Success

We know that, once your credit file is clean, you want to keep it that way. With this in mind, we arm you with the tools and additional resources to grow and maintain healthy credit into the future.


… is so easy. We provide the tools to help you acheive an accurate credit report on your time and schedule.

F2A Credit Solutions will protect your consumer rights and help remove erroneous and inaccurate information from your credit report:

  • Charge-offs
  • Bankruptcies
  • Late Payments
  • Medical Bills
  • Collections
  • Repossessions
F2A Credit Solutions Client Credit Restoration system dashboard on a iPhone XS Max.

Quickly communicate with our processing staff by using our client management system

Submit Documents. Monitor Your Results

  • Submit Response Letters
  • Securely Email Our Team
  • Review Your Progress
  • Update Your Details

Your Golden Financial Tool

Be eligible for the lowest rates, best discounts, and enjoy saving thousands

  • Save thousands on auto loans
  • Qualify for all of the lowest rate offers
  • Save thousands on home mortgage loans
  • Remove all inaccurate items preventing you from reaching your financial goals
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see how good credit compares to poor credit

Save thousands on both auto loans and home mortgages

Auto Loan Term 625 Credit Score 750 Credit Score Savings Total
$15,000 60-Months $306/Monthly $276/Monthly $1,800
$20,000 60-Months $408/Monthly $368/Monthly $2,400
$30,000 60-Months $612/Monthly $552/Monthly $3,600
$40,000 60-Months $816/Monthly $737/Monthly $4,740
$50,000 60-Months $1,020/Monthly $921/Monthly $5,940
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Home Mortgage Term 625 Credit Score 750 Credit Score Savings Total
$275,000 30-Year Term $1,483/Monthly $1,258/Monthly $81,224
$350,000 30-Year Term $1,888/Monthly $1,601/Monthly $103,376
$425,000 30-Year Term $2,292/Monthly $1,944/Monthly $125,528
$500,000 30-Year Term $2,697/Monthly $2,287/Monthly $147,681
$625,000 30-Year Term $3,371/Monthly $2,858/Monthly $184,601

Our Clients Have remarkable success

…however, do not take our word. See it for yourself.

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