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Free Phone Consultation & Credit Analysis

It is simple to get started. First step is to schedule your consultation free consultation and credit analysis appointment, and sign up for three credit report monitoring service.

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Deep Analysis and Setup

Upon receiving your three credit reports we will perform a line-by-line credit report review with you. We will take note your current issues, and submit to you the list of jointly identified items as dispute candidates. As deemed necessary we will also offer a list of simple score optimization and credit rebuilding tips; if applicable to your situation.

Our Dispute Process

We will challenge your incorrect, outdated, or erroneous items with the credit bureaus. If the items in question are not corrected we will send additional customized challenges designed to maximize the probability of achieving the desired outcome, automatically.

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Enjoy Your Membership

Enjoy the most member-friendly client dashboard in the business; track your progress, update personal and billing information, upload documents, and securely communicate with us.

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